With burglaries seeming to be an every day occurrence in the local area at the moment, it has become even more important to protect your home and the people you love. In this blog we are discussing how simple changes to your lighting can help prevent this from happening to you.

Statistics show that burglars are less likely to strike when someone is home, but with the dark nights drawing in before people finish work it is clear for anyone to see when someone is home or not.

At NH Electrical we have some simple solutions for you with effective lighting systems that can work as a deterrent on your property.

Smart Home Solutions

It is now possible to control your lighting from your phone wherever you may be using a smart home system. NH Electrical are installing these In more and more houses. These allow you to switch on any light in the house at any time you like all remotely on your phone. This can also work for a number of other elements in the house such as music, heating, tv, blinds, the possibilities are endless.

Security Lighting

In addition to lighting up the interior of your house you may wish to consider outside lighting as a deterrent.

There is multiple options when looking at exterior lighting for your property such as Downlights, Uplights, Wall Lights, Motion Activated Security Lights & Flood lights. All of these options serve a purpose for the owners different needs.

Flood lights are perfect for larger properties, industrial areas, farms etc and are normally accompanied with CCTV to help with getting a clear image of any intruder in the area.

Wall lights, uplights and downlights are a lot more appealing to look at on a property and tend to be the most popular choice for domestic use. These are controlled by the customer whether on a switch or via a smart device (if you have a smart home set up).

Other Security Options

We also offer other home security installations including CCTV.

If you would like to install a security solution into your home or business then please contact us for a free quotation where we can discuss what option best suits your needs.