So what are the advantages to LED Lights? No one likes expensive electric bills. We all are trying many different means of reducing our energy consumption to save money and have a better impact on the environment. Changing your lights to LEDs is one of the ways to do this. LED is an innovation that provides high light quality with very little maintenance cost. We have all heard that LED lights are the most efficient source of light. Other than being very efficient they have many other benefits too. Let’s find out all the benefits of using LED lights in our home and workplaces:

  1. Very long life – LEDs have a long operational life. LEDs can maintain their original brightness for their entire life. LEDs don’t get dim over time. Using LEDs can reduce the economic cost of replacing the bulbs regularly.
  2. Efficient – We all know that LEDs consumes very less power in comparison to fluorescent tubes. It has 80-90% of energy efficiency which means almost 80% of energy is converted to light and only 20% is wasted in this conversion. That’s the reason why a lot of expert electricians suggest to install led lighting for energy efficiency.
  3. Money Saving – Why is it better to use LED lights? This is the biggest question that comes in our mind before we start using LED. Well here is one of the biggest reason and advantage of using LED lights because LED uses around 30-70% less power than traditional lights. This ultimately results in reduction of electricity bills. In a whole house, that’s a huge saving, and a big reason to switch to LED.
  4. Environment-friendly – LEDs are eco-friendly as they contain no toxic material and are completely recyclable. They will reduce your carbon footprint and mother nature will thank you for using LEDs.
  5. No UV or IR emissions – Fluorescent lights convert less than 20 % of light in ti visible light. Most of the power is converted to Infrared light. This excessive heat produces burn hazard to the people. LED lights produce no ultraviolet and very little Infrared for that it is very beneficial for the heat-sensitive goods. They are also good for the UV sensitive objects.
  6. Works well in cold temperature – LEDs works well in cold temperature, unlike fluorescent lamps which requires a high voltage at low temperature to get started. The luminous flux is also decreased in the cold temperature but the performance of the LEDs improves with the decreasing temperature. This is the reason why it is a perfect fit for refrigerator and freezers.
  7. Instant on – LEDs achieve 100% brightness almost instantly when switched on. Other fluorescent lights can take up to three minutes to achieve the maximum light output.
  8. Durable – LEDs are vibration resistant and highly durable. Other than its filaments and glass enclosure, there is nothing delicate in LEDs.
  9. Rapid cycling – Conventional light sources decrease their lifespan when frequently switched off and on but LEDs are not affected by this rapid cycling.
  10. Control – LEDs are easily dimmable as they are semiconductor devices. Making fluorescent lights dimmable can cost you high but LEDs are very compatible with controls.
  11. Emergency lighting – LEDs can be used as emergency lights. They make the working environment safe and secure. They make the workplace healthier by reducing the risk of a condition like Sick building syndrome.
  12. Noisy – Traditional light sources can get noisy when used for extended period of time. They can give clicking sound when turned on but can also cause buzzing sound which is very annoying. LEDs are free from any type of noises and hence the preferable source of illumination.